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If you have questions or comments about clay and its uses, please send them to clayeverinternational@gmail.com  I’d love to hear from you!

Anak saya terkena penyakit campak, boleh pakai clayever tak?

Ya, anda dinasihatkan memakainya dengan kaedah sapuan NIPIS pada keseluruhan kulit badan anak anda,  2 kali sehari pagi dan malam. Juga adalah lebih baik juga  jika menggunakan kaedah rendaman kaki ( foot bath detox), atau mandian (clay bath). Setakat ini (Nov 2013) ada 3 kes campak yang telah menggunakan produk clayever kami. Dan ketiga-tiga telah berjaya disembuhkan dalam masa yang lebih singkat. Dan yang mengejutkan ialah TIADA parut huduh yang ditinggalkan oleh kesan campak.

Memangnya clayever Berjaya menCAMPAKkan penyakit campak jauh dari kehidupan manusia.

Is there such a thing as safe edible clay?
Yes, but in USA the FDA will never approve a natural clay as being edible (even though it lists   Clay on its list of GRAS – Generally Regarded as Safe – items) unless you have millions to spend for testing. They refuse to take into account the millions of testimonies and thousands of years of healing use.  Do you know who sits on the FDA Board of Directors?  Several representatives of the major Pharmaceutical companies!  There’s no money for them in clay – clay can’t be patented.  Therefore, they will direct the FDA to approve drugs that are unsafe and list all the many possible dangerous side effects IN SMALL PRINT, only to have to remove them from the market when people start dying.  So, yes, there is very safe, edible clay, but none that is FDA approved.  We recommend Clayever over all others.

Are Clays Organic?
To use the term “Organic” on any product without holding a certificate that indicates that your product has been manufactured, processed or grown under strict KKM guidelines can possibly lead to fines. Simply claiming that a product is organic does not make it so. Basically, companies making claims about organic content must have their products inspected by a KKM certifying agency, and the name and contact information of that certifying agency must be displayed on the product advertised to hold organic content. This allows the consumer to verify claims made by the manufacturer.  Clay is made by God; natural clay is not grown or formulated by man. It was made pure. Without forethought, man has contaminated earth and thus, many clay deposits with chemicals, acid rain and pollutants.  Clays from deserted desert regions within sub surface mines are less likely to be contaminated. Make sure your clay is free of contaminants by requesting a copy of the provider’s lab test for microbial content. It is up to you to protect yourself. When in doubt, ask questions.  Be diligent about your health.

Why doesn’t the medical industry prescribe clay for illness and ailments?
The medical industry is run by the Pharmaceutical companies.  There’s no money for them in a product that can’t be patented, but there are BILLIONS for them in deadly prescription drugs.  Pharmaceutical companies go where the money is, not where the best treatment is.  Many naturopaths and holistic doctors use clay with their patients.

Is it better to buy dry powder clay or clay that has already been mixed to a gel?
That’s a matter of choice.  It’s quicker and easier to buy the clay already hydrated to a gel form.  But it’s much more economical to buy the clay in powder form and hydrate it yourself!  Click Here for instructions on mixing clay.

Should I be alarmed if clay has aluminum and other metals in it?

No.  Clay is not digested or broken down into its mineral elements.  It acts as a whole and holds its integrity.  It pulls any positively charged item (toxins, metals, bacteria, etc.) to itself and leaves the body.  Alumino silicates are crystalline compounds, usually made up of silicon, aluminum and oxygen.  As long as the aluminum is bound in this form, it poses no health risk.  The aluminum in clay is never in isolated form, and is not adsorbed into the body. Clay do not dissolve easily in water or any medium (bodily fluid), it hydrated and dispersed in water. Likewise sand contain Aluminium silicate, and we eat sandy or dusty food almost everyday. No HARM

What is the best way to use Clayever to remove toxic metals from the body? I’ve heard that toxins can be re-absorbed by the body if the detox process is not done properly.
Taking a good quality natural clean Clayever clay is always stronger than a processed clay. Take the Clayever daily, 1-2 ounce twice a day (depending on how many toxins you are consciously exposed to, i.e. working around chemicals) for a week.  And when the system is cleaned and balanced, 1 ounce a day usually does the trick.  This is referring to 1 oz of premixed liquid Clayever – or 1 part of powder to 8 parts of purified water.  This is preventative and keeps toxins from getting in the body.  To help rid the body of already stored toxins,  ( e,g to treats Autistic children), I recommend 2 clay baths a week for 5 weeks using 2 cups of Clayever per bath.  Since Mercury tends to linger it would not hurt to repeat clay baths on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  The beauty of clay is that it draws impurities to itself and pulls them into itself so that danger of re-absorption by the body is not likely to occur.  Some products loosen the metals, so to speak, but are not as good at capturing them like clay.

I’m interested in knowing more about how I might treat my 2 cats and 1 dog for parasites, and other possible needs.  What type of clay and what dosage? 
Clay is so good for pets and ridding them of internal parasites.  You can put some Clayever powder in their water but it mostly sinks to the bottom.  A neat trick is to get a syringe (without the needle) and suck some of the premixed Clayever water (1 to 10 ratio of Clayever to water) into it and hold them and gradually inject it into their mouth.  You can’t do clay wrong so don’t worry about how much, though for kittens a teaspoon would be fine.  Bigger pets more.  Do it every other day for a week.  Then off a week and on a week for several months to get the unhatched parasite eggs out.  Usually you will notice white specks in the feces and your pet will be friskier.  You can brush their teeth with clay also and of course use it on cuts and rashes topically.  Good for cattle and goat too.  The Clayever has a high pH and is milled very fine.  Since it swells to three times its mass, it has more volume for drawing out impurities and toxins.


10 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Assalammualaikum tuan,
    Saya ingin memcuba dan membeli produk ini bagaimana caranya?
    Saya berada di Seksyen U5 Shah Alam Selangor.
    Sekiranya saya berminat menjadi pengedar mobile stokis bagaimana terma dan syaratnya?
    Terima Kasih.

  2. Assalammualaikum tuan,
    Saya iza, saya ingin mencuba dan membeli produk ini bagaimana caranya?
    Saya berada di Seksyen U5, Shah Alam, Selangor adakah pengedar yg terdekat?
    Jika saya berminat menjadi pengedar mobile stokis bagaimana terma dan syaratnya?
    Terima kasih.

    • Walaikumsalam iza.
      Maafkan sy kerana lambat respond. Dan terima kasih kerana berminat dgn produk clayever.
      sudahkah iza menggunakan produk ini. Jika belum dan ingin mencuba silap contact Ida (Ampang) 0123398689.

      Syarat menjadi pengedar Sgt mudah buat masa ini kerana ia masih baru. Hanya perlu order produk berniai Rm300+ sahaja. Dan boleh hubungi sy terus no 0129902123 melalui WhatsApp utk mendapat kan price structure. Buat masa ini belum ada agen di shah alam

      T.kasih iza

  3. bagaimana ya untuk saya mendapatkan produk ini? Saya pernah mencubanya dan penjualan nya amat terhad. susah untuk saya mendapatkannya.

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